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Dude Theft Wars is a title that copies famous GTA in many ways. This means that if you are willing to play a new part of a famous gangster title and cannot wait until the launch finally happens, we have found a nice option for you and you are looking at it right now. So, what are you going to experience when playing this pixel and funny-looking game where the dudes fight the dudes? Or the dudes make friends with the dudes? Let’s discuss some main feature and see. This game can be characterized an action shooting title and a sandbox. The world here is open and presented in a form of a large city. The graphics are stylish, even though they are old-school and a bit simple pixel-based, everything is done with taste. Also, the process of playing can be built and controlled by you only, so you are the one to decide your own destiny as one of the city dudes. The game is filled with entertainments and interesting missions you will definitely like – all of them are funny, unique, and sometimes not that easy to crack. Mostly, gamers and especially unblocked GTA fans choose to live a life of a gangster, which means that you can create gangs, steal cars, buy weapons and take part in battles between the gangs. That is why the game is called Dude Theft Wars. The dudes fight sometimes because they are real men and they want power! Yes!
The game has a lot to offer. There is a number of interesting opportunities you should try. First of all, there is a large park filled with cool cars. Second, there is a number of shops where you can find numerous weapons of all types and kinds. All the cars and guns can become yours – you can buy them for your money. Using all the capacities offered by the game, you can become a real bandit, a nice guy, or even a rebel that starts a real war against the police and government. Each line you choose will full of interesting challenges and tasks to complete. The completion will help you to make the playing process more variable and bright.
We bet that you will have a great time playing this title no matter which line of playing you choose. In fact, each of them has something special and interesting, so we do recommend you to play the game more than once. If you don’t want to lose anything that smart game developers have prepared for you (and they have prepared a great number of goodies), then you won’t regret playing the game for a couple of times, choosing something else. This will help you get a full picture of Dude Theft Wars, a truly amazing open-world sandbox where the dudes are just being dudes.