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The world of dudes is full of adventures and discoveries! It is also full of fights, tricks, and trolling, so you will surely like being in a place like that. We are glad to present one of the best sandbox titles of the century – Dude Theft Wars, a game that will surely become one of your favorite ones right after you launch it and immerse yourself in the dude-universe. This title is famous for being a funny copy of GTA. Just like in the famous GTA, here you will find yourself in a city with tough laws. You will fight, shoot, ride cool cars, and do everything you want. You can even become a head of a criminal gang if all of your actions will prove that you are a worthy of that title with mod Apk. However, the game about dudes cannot be called a copy of GTA, because it has so many features that you will meet nowhere else. First of all, it is a great sense of humor.
As one of the dudes, you can travel around the city on your car (it is too large to walk on foot, so take care of a vehicle). However, you can also choose riding a skateboard or even a cart from a shop – nobody has a right to tell you what to do, because you are cool dude. So the idea of the game is just having fun – you don’t need to do anything in particular. You can buy weapons and fight with the clans, stand against the government, or simply stay home and have a nice time sitting on your armchair. Everything is yours here and every choice you make is determined by nothing else but your imagination. Become anything, do everything, and the most important – have fun while you do!