Dude Theft Wars 2

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Do you think that you are a real dude? If you are, then this game is perfect for you. If you are not sure that you are, well, there is no problem here, you can always simulate. And then you will become one! So, the game is about a guy, just a guy, he is not a dude yet. His life is nothing interesting – he works on his boring position, does everyday stuff, and have no special expectations about himself and his own life. However, one day, everything changes and – boom! He finds himself in a town dudes. A really incredible place where everything is allowed. So Jack is here to start new life, get a car, drift on the city roads, gather some other dudes, and have fun with them. Or kill somebody, who knows!
On your new car, you will ride freely around the town with all its parks and streets. You can also go outside of the town, visiting the other places, like nearby cities and even something like a countryside with fields and meadows. Also, the town has some gun shops to check out. If you have decided to live a gangster life, then you surely have to visit them for a couple of times. There you can buy yourself any type of gun you may want – from a small one to a riffle. We bet that you will like that! As for the other players present in the game, there lots of ways to communicate them. You can trick them and even slap them in the face. Annoy them and troll them to have some laugh! However, if you are serious about them, arrange a band or start a fight!
The game is filled of humor and amazing jokes you can play with other gamers in real situtaions. You can take your gun and pretend that you are going to make a shot and people around you will run away. This will surely make you laugh! You are dude, everything is allowed to you! Also, there are exploration opportunities that never end – buildings, streets, other cities, and all the other locations. If you are not very fond of travelling and doing active stuff, just grab your smartphone and have a rest. This is also an option in the game! Whatever you decide to do, the entire open world of the dude city is open to you, so you are welcome to use any opportunity that you can find here. Let your sunny days in the city become memorable and cool!