Dude Theft Wars 2020

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The time has come to start a new life, a dude’s life! Are you ready? Then this game is yours. Here you will explore different ways of how to be a dude. Some of these ways are tightly connected with violence and crime – they include shooting, robbing banks, participating in massive fights, and so on Dude Theft Wars 2020. The others are all about having fun and being the greatest troll ever existed – you can make jokes, kick someone, and pretend that you are about to make a shot with your gun just to see them run screaming. Also, you can become a kind person who loves flowers and kittens and live your calm life in your nice house on the cozy green street. The choice is always yours, because you are a dude now, and dudes decide what to do on their own. They never care about anything and anyone!
The main feature of this game surely is a large and rich open world to discover. You can walk around, but we recommend you to get yourself a car – the map is nearly endless, so you will get tired walking for hours. Try riding around and visiting stores – you can get anything, including weapons, there. Be sure that these weapons will come in handy if you will decide to act as a gangster. You will play from the first-person perspective, so everything till look pretty realistic despite the pixel graphics. By the way, the pixel style doesn’t seem old or low quality here. Considering the fact that the game is full of ridiculous things, a bit wacky graphics make it even better. The range of weapons here is truly crazy – you can get yourself a revolver, a shotgun, or even AK-47. However, you can always kick someone in his face with your hand! Which won’t be very effective in a gunfight, but is very funny to do so from time to time. Just make sure that a person you slap doesn’t have a gun or at least has a sense of humor. So welcome to the amazing world of dudes and make your way to a perfect life now!