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Welcome to the city of freedom and entertainment! There are no laws here and you can do everything that comes to your head. You are the master here and you decide your own way. The world is open and concentrated in a city – the city of cool guys and you are one of them. We have great news for you – the openness of the world is endless and this means that you can perform any actions that you may want. Everything in your hands, just use these amazing opportunities offered by the gigantic city and have fun the way you want. The game doesn’t have a plot, but rather it is a story you can write on your own. The communication with other characters in the game is your choice – you can become friends or enemies. You are welcome to unite in teams and organize entire clans of criminals on last version. On the other hand, you can fight other teams and clans for power. You can play solo or as a group with other gamers. Choose your style, play in your own pace, and create your own line.
Most players choose the way of a criminal gangster and no wonder – this is one of the most thrilling options in the game. Being a part of the gang or a solo-villain you can build you influence on everything that happens in a town. There are shops where you can find and buy weapons and the choice is really wide, so all the fans of guns will feel themselves at home there. You can get yourself a small mini-gun and hide it in your pocket. Also, you can buy a gigantic one and become a leader of the gang with a cool gun. As the game world is rather large, you will feel more comfortable when moving around on the car, so take care of this moment and choose one for yourself. You are welcome to roam around the city on your own vehicle, buying guns here and there, visiting parties, and other places. There are a lot of them to discover!
You can try yourself in any image you can imagine. From a gangster to a kind and responsive fellow, you can play as anyone. Also, the game is not limited to “duding” only. This means that you will have more tasks than buying weapons and riding cars. The game offers a great deal of interesting puzzles, tasks, and side-missions, so you can solve them and complete them if you would like to make the playing experience richer. They don’t influence the plot, so this is your choice whether you want to take part in them or not. In a couple of words, this title is something similar to GTA only made in a pretty nice and unique pixel style. Humor, fights, and numerous opportunities are waiting for you!