Dude Theft Wars Update

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Today, the games with cubic graphics are extremely popular. We cannot say that they are all the same, but that charm of pixel and geometrical characters is common for them. And the other type of popular games is surely sandbox titles, those that provide you with a world you can play with – numerous capacities are at hand, so you feel yourself like a child in a candy store, trying them all out for hours, coming back, and trying something else. Now you are welcome to check a title that combines these two elements in one and makes you find yourself in a world of dudes – blocky guys who have everything at their disposal and feel like the kings of the universe, because they are the dudes in the dude town. Are you ready to become one of them and join the most thrilling and funny adventure in your life? Hope, you are, because here you will surely get it.
So the game allows you to become any type of a dude. We bet that you will become interested in a gangster dude-type. The title has a lot of weapons to offer – you can enter any of the themed stores and get yourself something to shoot from. The choice is wide, so you can purchase a small gun or a gigantic cannon. If you want to move around the large town comfortably, fast, and efficiently, then you should get yourself a car as well. The game has numerous types of transport and the cars are not the only choice you can make, still there are different models of them that have various characteristics. You can ride a skateboard or even an alien space ship if you want. Just imagine yourself with an AK-47, riding a space ship and shooting your enemies! Or maybe roaming around the city on a supermarket cart, which is no less thrilling – try and see. In a word, you are welcome to feel yourself like a real dude and have your time spent with fun and entertainment. You can come back to the game again and see that each time you launch it, you can ride a brand new story.