Open World Sandbox Simulator

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If you like playing GTA but want something different still similar, then you are welcome to a pixel world of dudes. Dude Theft Wars is a nice open-world game where you can try yourself as a real dude and do everything real dudes do. Well, what is that? You decide! Because dudes are cool and free, so this is their choice. This is your life and you are the master here. So what is waiting for you in this amazing title? First of all, you will find yourself in a city open for your travelling, communication with other characters, purchasing various goods like cars and guns (or stealing them), and doing anything you can invent. As you have already understood, you don’t have to follow any particular plot to reach some goal – there is only one goal here. Have fun and enjoy your time in Dude Theft Wars Open World Sandbox Simulator! That’s all. We bet you will like it.
Besides shooting, racing, аnd being tough, you can live a calm life in your house, planting flowers and going to the local supermarket for some milk and eggs. You can make yard parties with your neighbors and be a socially-accepted and nice person. However, to tell the truth, it is a rare case when the gamers choose such a playing style. It has something nice in itself for sure – you have a rest and enjoy a nice life-simulator. This is great that the game is so open that you are not limited to the world of crime only. In general, there are two major styles. Let’s call them “a good guy” and “a badass”. Both have their own unique features and you can combine them in different proportions to see what happens and how other people will perceive you. In addition to your main line, the one that you will follow during the game, you can also do some additional stuff to make the process more interesting. The game doesn’t force you to do anything in particular, but it has some missions and puzzles to offer. They make the playing process vaster, but they are not obligatory.
You can try gathering your own gang and gaining the authority among the city dwellers and criminal elements. They will respect you and admire you as a boss if you will manage to demonstrate your power and intellect. Show your logical, tactic, strategic, and witness skills. If you will do everything on the highest level and make everyone recognize and admire you, then all the players on the server will acknowledge you and will definitely enter your gang gladly. Together, you will have a chance to dominate the entire city! If you like the idea, then the time has come to test the game on practice.