Dude Theft Wars 3

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Is there something better than freedom? Well, even though it might be a digital freedom inside of the pixel world, it is still freedom! If you need a breath of fresh air and a great number of amazing adventures to take part in, then we have something really special for you. This is a game where all the dudes do everything they ever wanted without any consequences and restrictions. Well, if you will follow the path of a gangster, kill people, steal money, and do other nasty machinations, you can be followed by the police in Dude Theft Wars 3. But don’t worry – the police is nothing to be scared of, you can easily start a fight with them and show that you are the boss here. Just make sure that you are armed well and are crazy enough to do so! If you are not that type of a criminal guy and want to do something else – no problem!
Take a walk in a park, go to the fields to have a rest on the nature, and visit a supermarket to get something to eat. You can be a bad guy, you can be a nice guy – everything depends on you and your preferences. No matter which line of behavior you will choose, there is always a room for experiments, adventures, explorations, and jokes! You can kick people, prank them, and communicate with them in many other ways. The game is open for everything.