Dude Theft Wars Open World

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The wars of dudes begin this day… are you ready? Will you become the dudiest dude ever? Then start! This is your chance to start a new bright life filled with adventures and absolute freedom of actions – there is you and a city full of opportunities (and other dudes), so you are welcome to use them all to your own pleasure and fun. The game doesn’t have a final aim. You are expected to have fun and enjoy it, that’s all! Nothing else is needed. Still, there are missions and side-puzzles you are welcome to try out and solve, however, there is no need to worry – they are just an additional entertainment, not something that will stand on your way to fun. Everything is pretty simple here – no rules, endless opportunities. This is a sandbox where you can do everything, literally! So why don’t you join now in open World game? We bet that you will like it!
This title can be called a life sim with action and shooting elements. You can become a person of any kind. Ride around the city on your car and buy food in a supermarket or a gun in a weapon shop. You can go out of your beautiful house early in the morning to clear the yard and have a chat with your neighbors enjoying the sunny weather and the voices of the birds. Or you can jump in your sport car, go to rob a bank, shoot someone, and even start a massive fight with other dudes right on the city street! Fight with other characters till the last standing person and enjoy a format of battle royale! Also, you can fight in a format clan VS clan and build the hierarchy of gangsters in the city. If you will do your best and prove that you are the toughest and coolest dude here, then the other players will gladly join your company and become one of you loyal friends. It seems like the city is completely ruled by the mafia, so don’t be afraid of the police – they won’t come. They know that you are dude and you can do everything, even if that is something criminal.
Here you can everything that you can only imagine. This is your chance to live an ideal life of a dude – tough or nice, killer or a good guy, a head of a clan or a solo villain. Everything is in your own hands, so make sure to write a story that would excite you! Turn your imagination on, let your creative juices flow, and have fun with other dudes all day long!