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Ready for an ultimate dude experience? Here you go! The Dude Theft Wars game is something really incredible, so if you have been looking for a unique and extremely entertaining game that allows you everything – you have made a right choice stopping on this title. Here you can join the mafia and become a pretty serious fellow with a shotgun. You are welcome to gather clans of criminals and do some dirty deeds to make the entire city shiver with fear. Shoot, ride cars, steal things, and do everything you want. On the other hand, you can avoid this destiny and become a funny and humorous character. You can use a supermarket cart instead of a shiny sport car to move around the city and slap people in their faces to annoy them. That’s your choice!
The game has a number of interesting locations to explore. The most interesting surely are the stores where players buy guns. The main feature is a wide variety of options – small guns and large cannons are available for you here, so choose the one that fits your plans and your budget. Also, there are numerous cars to choose from. For example, you can ride a large truck or a ramp car. There are also skateboards, space ships, and more! Characters of the game are controlled by the real players and there are some of them that are controlled by the artificial intelligence. They move in a funny way, copying rag dolls. This funny physics allow you to arrange funny collisions with other characters as well as the cars and see how everything flies around in a stupid manner. You can even turn the slow motion on to see everything in details. The game is also full of various unexpected Easter eggs and features you will discover when roaming around the city. As you can see, the title is full of action, exploration, and humor! What is more, there are puzzles here, so you will have a chance to train your brain as well.