Dude Theft Wars 4

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The time has come to find out if you are a true-dude! Are you ready? Then start your Dude Theft Wars adventure right now. This title is that popular because it allows you to feel yourself as a free person in a free world. The sandbox format and large open world with numerous funny, thrilling, and interesting opportunities is all yours. You can simply walk around the city, enjoying the beauty of its streets. You can get yourself a car and ride to the countryside to enjoy the beautiful nature. Or you can do something else like bank robbing, shooting, gaining tons of money, and buying yourself a penthouse in the center of the city. You can fight other dudes or even the police – nobody can stop you! This is a world where you are the king and you do everything that comes to your head, just make it interesting and that’s all!
The game is a life simulator with numerous amazing capacities you won’t find in any other title of this genre. You are the dude and you can act crazy enough, because there are no limits for the dudes like you. We bet that you will like an incredible arsenal of weapons to buy as well as a large auto-park where you can get autos and other types of transport that may surprise you (like UFO flying spaceships).